4 Nov 2014

diy - Vase 'Vitaminjar'

Amber Anthro Starters for Baby Plants

diy - Planter Saucers 'Peg Rim'

Plant saucers pegged Rustic

diy - drapes 'anthro pompom edged'

pompom edged sheer drapes

diy - Planters ‘Mini Tuna Peg'

Mini Planters Perfect Herbs

décore - Windowsill 'Succulent Purplerain'

Come home to a window of Purple Succulent Greens

diy - Birdcage 'Jasmine'

Flowers from Above

Cable Storage 'Toilet roll Recycle' DIY

~ Getting Organized by Recycling ~
'I just can't bring myself to buy plastic cables ties and what not.

diy - Tealit ‘Pegged'

Earthy Warming Tealight Gems

diy - Lantern 'Broken Mug Upcycle'

Broken Latte Mug Turned Candle Holder

décore - Teapot mugs 'Ming'

Teapot, Strainer and mug in one

décore - hangwall 'copper plate'

decorate walls with copper plate depth

décore - China 'Fauna Sage'

Sage Embossed China

DIY Inspire 'Tepee Patterned Themes'

~ Tepees with Patterns Galore ~
‘Gathering DIY inspiration for an empowering home. There's nothing like a tepee and one can be made easily to suite any indoor setting. All you need to do first is to select a theme... Here's some of my favorite patterned themes sourced from Pinterest. The above are just some notes on my DIY gameplan. Here's some patterned theme Ideas to help get you started;
Use PVC Piping, recycled Broomsticks, Branches, strips of wood, recycled curtain rods and or bamboo for poles
Use plain linen, recycled sheets or recycled patterned sheets
Use patterned fabric for door flap to contrast against plain fabric
Use map of the world fabric for global theme
Create no sew by recycling strips of different fabric
Recycle and sew together scraps of leftover fabric
Stencil, hand paint and or use dip dye for ombre patterns
Use masking tape to paint perfect lines

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From Chapter 26 Canopy (Link)
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DIY Inspire 'Tepee White Sands Boheme'

~ Perfect for Summer layers of white Tepees ~
'Gathering DIY inspiration for an empowering home. There's nothing

DIY Inspire 'Tepee Finishing Touches'

~ Finishing Tepees with creativity ~
Gathering DIY inspiration for an empowering

DIY Inspire 'Noir n Chalk'

~ Creating Dark walls of chalk paint ~
‘Gathering DIY inspiration for an unconventional home. With the

DIY Inspire 'Tepee Mother Nature'

~ Full of nature elements Tepee ~
‘Gathering DIY inspiration for an empowering home. There's nothing

Feline 'Onyx Kittybox'

~ Deep and out of sight kitty Litter ~
‘Recently my bathroom was retailed with Grey slate tiles and

DIY Inspire 'Tepee Child and Critter'

~ Mini Tepee for critter or child ~
‘Gathering DIY inspiration for an empowering home, my beautiful food